Think Pink

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Position: - News Editor

The Times-Union devoted a lot of resources to supporting breast cancer awareness in October 2008 -- including a special pink paper, special breast cancer awareness coverage, promotion of heath-related events, and a special "Think Pink" Web site.

I was given a lot of leeway for the special design of the site. Knowing that we were going to be working with many people from all over the company, I themed a WordPress blog to give easy manipulation of stories and story information. I also was able to pull completely from the wrapper and craft a simple look just for this project.

The site is lead with a special series about women fighting breast cancer, which included video interviews and small vignettes about their struggles. Videographer Kelly Jordan did an amazing job of telling the stories through video. Various reporters crafted the vignettes.

Since so many people were going to be editing at many different times, the Wordpress environment allowed many people to edit the project for several weeks. Also, we were able to automate the video portion, so Kelly could make changes to videos without needed to recode of much of the project. Using this method we were able to have full control of look and functionality, while preserving all analytics.