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We started this site to include data from the nation's largest 15K in the country, the River Run. But, shortly, we decided to expand it to include other large races in the area.

Our River Run coverage includes: times for the past 11 years, photos and a regularly updating newsletter.

I oversaw creating and cleaning the original datasets, as well making sure all the data flowed appropriately. I also helped flesh out the content and make sure we had content for our cell phone users. Developer Kevin Basarab is a genius and made the databases run smoothly. His databasing skills made sure the site didn't crash from traffic on River Run day for the first time in 10 years.

As we have added more runs, we've added more ways to interact with the data, including our share button, static URLs and easier ways to display URLs.

After we garnered so much data, we are now the official place to qualify for next year's River Run. Runners will need to come to our site, check their times and register times with us to get placement as a seed in the race.

Take a look at the whole thing at