Revamping Ultimate Jaguars

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Without a doubt, Jaguars football coverage is the biggest pageview source for on a regular basis. Even in the off season, the main landing page of content will have more interest than even top-level navigation items.

Our move to Drupal allowed us to completely overhaul every template to best showoff content about the team.

I got the awesome opportunity to lead the project from brainstorming to design to development to deployment, working with each group to build a better section.

Our main goal was to make an easier navigation for finding content and making the site much more graphic for users.

The site features a navigation on each element that gives easy access to the team's schedule, as well as reporters' blogs, stories, photos and videos.

We also created a series of alternate homepages to really show off Jaguars-related content before, during and after games.

Since the launch, we have a seen an increase in overall traffic to Jaguars-related content from last year.

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