The new, Drupaled

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Position: - Data and Projects Developer

I had the amazing opportunity to join the 2008 redesign team near the end of 2008.

Together, a group of about 20 of us from here in Jacksonville and our corporate offices in Augusta, Ga., redesigned the site from top to bottom in about two months.

My gig was to work mostly on workflow, while making sure we had right tools for producers/reporters/editors — if we didn’t have the right tool, my job was the help build it. After the development cycle neared the end, I headed our training team. Social Media Editor Jonathan Bennett and I trained 167 employees in every function they would use on the site. After deployment, I continued to organize all training activities for the site.

The old was a mess of flat text files being fed from PERL scripts and a weird language that only Morris still used in development. The team redesigned the site in Drupal, a framework that gives us amazing flexibility and gives our users more ability interact more than they ever had.

The new site won the 2008 EPpy award for Best Community Service Application.