Five-County Salaries Database

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Position: - Data and Projects Developer

People love knowing how much their neighbors make. We can't help it, naturally we want to know if that lazy person in the deep, dark corner is making more cash a day than we are.

Our team here played on this interest by producing a five-county, searchable database of all public salaries. Interest has been amazing. Within a month we broke 300,000 pageviews -- without much promotion.

Developer Kevin Basarab did amazing relational database work and made the backend run smoothly and amazingly.

Producer and Skirt! Digital Editor Tracy Jones tracked down the salary numbers from the nearly 100 agencies.

I helped oversee much of the project, working with Kevin on functionality and with Tracy on normalizing data.

I also did the front-end development work -- including the user interface determining what features we wanted to include. I've also been the point person on customer-service questions following the release.

The parts of this database we've found to be hugely successful include: having an easy access to the URL on the screen to help people send it on, sortable columns on the second search, having organizations broken out by subject (law enforcement, elections, etc.,.) and an easy embed code.

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