FCAT Results

Project URL: http://schools.jacksonville.com/fcat/

Position: Jacksonville.com - Data and Projects Developer

I hate seeing data vomited without any context. As journalists we must give some easy way for our readers to digest our reporting.

That’s why I love the way we presented scores from the 2009 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Our search is easy, and by using checks and x’s, we give our audience a quick and easy way to see if a school improved on the latest test.

I designed the output, and helped normalize and import the data. Developer Kevin Basarab did some amazing work with relational databases to make it all operate. He also is leaving it open to continue to expand all the awesome work we have on Schools.Jacksonville.Com.

Kevin and I won a monthly in-office award for best alternative story form item for our work on this project.

Check out the database at http://schools.jacksonville.com/fcat.