Election Night 2008

Project URL: http://news.jacksonville.com/index-elx.shtml

Position: Jacksonville.com - News Editor

We learned a lot from covering Tropical Storm Fay in August 2008. The biggest lesson we learned was that our audience loves short bursts of information in a reverse-chronological, Twitter-like fashion. So, we expanded upon that concept for Election Night 2008.

Developer Kevin Basarab, Social Media Editor Jonathan Bennett, Production Manager Walter Allen and myself decided that one continuous, growing blob wasn’t enough, if we didn’t give more ability to our audience to filter content. So, we split everything up into National, State and Local and made concerted efforts to cross link all our content accordingly. The lists were all combined into one growing “Top Stories” list, as well.

We wanted give bursts of locally reported information, as well as links to the best content around the country. I believe the result was a better overall pool of information for Jacksonville users.

Some other pieces of content included:

  • A class of students from the University of North Florida were dispatched through the area blogging about parties and events.
  • We recorded local bloggers and members of the community about what this election meant to them. They, in turn, promoted our coverage on their blogs.
  • We interacted throughout the night via our Twitter feed, @jaxdotcom. We answered questions directly and gave the freshest information we could throughout the night.

I was the lead on the project and worked with reporters in the newsroom to make sure we were updated on all the latest news, no matter the format.

Check out the full package at http://news.jacksonville.com/index-elx.shtml.