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Ever wonder who owns all the skyscrapers downtown? Or have you ever thought about how many properties churches hold in the urban core?

As part of a five-day series on Jacksonville's downtown, we wanted an easy way for our readers to get answers to these questions. Since the project was all about location and how space was used, we created custom, dynamic Google maps powered by MySQL/PHP

The main part of the mapping project is the ability to search any property listed with Duval County's Property Appraiser's Office. From there one can find out cost of the building, square footage and learn more historical information. Here's an example that uses a photo box I created.

My favorite part of the project is a piece of the main landing page -- the large, sortable Jacksonville property map. The map allows one to sort through and mix and match all the properties by ownership type.

What I found the most interesting was the ability to sort by vacancies and then compare those with the urban core's residential properties.

I coded the front-end and back-end of the entire project, including the PHP/MySQL, HTML and CSS. Reporters used a series of admin tools I created to add more historical context to the properties. Social Media Editor Jonathan Bennett requested the data from the city and worked with the staff to populate the project.

Jonathan and I oversaw producing all the rest of the project's content online, including all the related stories and the project's landing page.

Check out the full, sortable map at