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Jacksonville has some awesome bloggers around town covering food, urban issues, news, art and anything else.

They are covering aspects of our community that the Times-Union, unfortunately, at times, can't.

So, that's why we decided to go nuts with aggregating community blogs throughout

Social Media Editor Jonathan Bennett contacted each of the bloggers and talked with them about having their items featured on the site. I was the guy who make it work on the backend. Together, we picked the best way to display our content.

Here's a rundown of what we have in the project:

  • On the homepage, we display a block of aggregated headlines that is constantly changing.
  • Throughout the site we display blocks of relevant content. So, on our food page, we have food blogs and on our arts page we have arts blogs.
  • We offer RSS feeds of the aggregated blocks. We also offer an e-mail subscription service with these items.

We've had awesome feedback from bloggers in our community, many of whom say they are getting significant referring traffic from They, in turn, are also becoming more active in our site and in linking to content we have on