Class Acts: Graduation Messages

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The Times-Union annually publishes a list of all the graduates in our five-county area, as well as lists All-Star graduates and top Scholar-Athletes. We’d never really been able to make the section, Class Acts, successful online, previously.

To make this successful this year, we decided to add some social aspects to the site. We custom-made a database of all the names that allows our audience to leave “graduation messages” for the Class of 2009. The names are nicely optimized for search, so we'll get residual traffic for years, and we are able to add this one more cool bit of data for our overall project.

For all the Scholar-Athletes and All-Star graduates, we also debuted our new WikiJax project. The intention is to build a huge directory of need-to-know information from our area. This is the first baby step toward that.

Developer Kevin Basarab was the mastermind behind the relational databasing. I designed the HTML/CSS structure.

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